30 March 2018

Yesterday, my husband and I drove into San Francisco, checked into a nice hotel, went to a great dinner, went for ice cream, and then went to see Monty Python and the Holy Grail followed by a Q&A featuring John Cleese. He was as delightful and funny as one would expect. I'd heard some people say he's rude, but though he was irreverent, I didn't find him rude at all. (Unless those critics meant "rude" in the sense of "irreverent"?) In any case, he told great stories, and I especially enjoyed it when he would get tickled and laugh at himself. He reminds me a lot of my dad, actually.

The whole outing was a belated birthday gift to me. My husband had given me the tickets to the event on my birthday, but of course the event itself was yesterday. We made an evening of it and had a great time.

Today I was mostly grateful for an afternoon nap.

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