31 August 2017

  1. Second physical therapy session went well.
  2. Got home in time to eat some pizza before having to go to the event at my kids' school.
  3. Met my daughter's teacher, and she's amazingly sweet. I think it's going to be a great class, too. A lot of wonderful parents and students in that one.

30 August 2017

  1. A little bit of writing done, which is better than none.
  2. Survived the PTA meeting.
  3. Shoulder is feeling a bit better now that I'm doing these physical therapy exercises.

29 August 2017

  1. Friendly morning chat with two other moms at the elementary school. Yay for not-too-awkward socializing!
  2. First physical therapy appointment went okay. I now have exercises to do and have to ice my shoulder every night.
  3. Meeting with my youngest's teacher went smoothly (I think).

Bonus: fresh hair color and sparkly new nails (fingers + toes)!

28 August 2017

  1. Getting back into a regular writing meeting with a dear friend.
  2. Wrote 1,120 words! Almost twice my daily goal!
  3. Tried a new recipe and it turned out really well.

27 August 2017

  1. Game of Thrones season finale. The down side being having to wait, like, two years for the rest of it.
  2. Managed to reach my parents. They live just north of Houston and are fine despite Harvey. Today was my mom's 63rd birthday, too.
  3. More good progress made on my WIP.

26 August 2017

  1. Library day.
  2. Made my writing goal and then some.
  3. Stargazing through the telescope.

25 August 2017

  1. Got some writing done. Now only have 22k words left to write. (Ha! "Only.") About 630 words per day, every day, until my deadline should do it.
  2. My mom is safe despite having a hurricane bearing down on her. @.@
  3. No errands to run, no appointments. I wish I had more days like that.

24 August 2017

  1. Survived a hectic pick-up schedule.
  2. Got some writing done.
  3. Made my physical therapy appointment. Just the one for starters and we'll go from there

Bonus: Writing group wasn't as bad as I feared it might be.

23 August 2017

Um... It was kind of a rotten day. But! The point of this blog is to find the silver linings. So...

  1. My shoulder is fine, really, I just need physical therapy.
  2. There were no issues with picking up the kids because my oldest stayed for an after-school cross country meeting. You see, the kids were getting out of school at the same time. But since my oldest had a meeting, I was not pressured to be two places at once. That's a win.
  3. Sushi for dinner.
There. Those are good things in an otherwise cruddy day. I must remember my complaints are minor compared to so much that others must deal with.

22 August 2017

  1. My youngest had a better day at school.
  2. Got some writing done.
  3. Can now get back to my morning walks and listening to podcasts. I'm so far behind!

21 August 2017

  1. First day of school for my kids! While it's difficult to get into a new routine, it's going to be nice to have my writing time again.
  2. Eclipse! The kids' schools were given glasses so all the kids could enjoy the eclipse, and a friend of mine gave my husband and I some glasses, too. So we went for a walk and watched.
  3. Date night. Dinner and a movie, which is rote, but felt relaxing.

20 August 2017

  1. Got some writing done for the first time in a few days. Felt good.
  2. Family game night: Ticket to Ride Europe.
  3. Emails from friends.

19 August 2017

  1. My youngest son's birthday party. He chose Chuck E. Cheese, which I was dreading, but I was pleasantly surprised. And he had a great day, which was the important thing.
  2. Air hockey. (Because my son got an air hockey table for his birthday.)
  3. Crunchyroll. Finding new anime to enjoy and watching old favorites, too.

18 August 2017

  1. Feeling productive in that I got some paperwork done, cleaned out my oldest son's room, did laundry.
  2. Started reading A Darker Shade of Magic aloud to my oldest son. I think we're really going to enjoy this one.
  3. Habit Burger.

17 August 2017

  1. My youngest son's birthday!
  2. Kids got haircuts so they'll look snazzy for the start of school.
  3. Special birthday dinner, and I still managed to duck into my weekly writing group meeting afterward.

16 August 2017

  1. My script made the semifinals in CWA!
  2. Got all the school supplies for the kids. Now I just need to label everything and sort it all into their backpacks . . . 
  3. The kids' haircut appointments got moved, which is kind of a good thing since I was feeling ragged and liked having an excuse not to go. But then again, now I have to take time out of my day tomorrow instead. Hrm.
  4. Brownie batter.

15 August 2017

  1. Kids received their class assignments today. My oldest is pleased to know his best friend has the first two periods with him. And one other friend has almost every class with him. My daughter got the teacher she was hoping for. My youngest is a wee bit disappointed not to have gotten the teacher he wanted, but we were able to talk him up.
  2. Very fun and exciting baseball game. The kids got on the Jumbotron, too.
  3. Lost another pound. Got a long way to go, but it feels good to make progress.

14 August 2017

  1. Only one more week until school starts. I love my kids but I'm so ready to have my days back.
  2. Really mild weather. Just gorgeous, actually.
  3. Heard from an old friend I hadn't heard from in months. Was a nice surprise.

13 August 2017

A family day out. We went into the city, had brunch, and then saw the symphony play the score to Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. Then we came home and went out for dinner and pie. A very full day, and a lovely one.

12 August 2017

Managed to get my words in both for today and what I didn't do yesterday. So I remain on track.
Nice visit with another mom. These interactions can feel so fraught, but this particular mom is very easy to talk to.
Made the decision to fold my author newsletter. It's something I'd thought of doing for a while now, but I kept trying to make the newsletter work. It's sort of a load off not to have it any more. Still, the newsletter had a serial story going, but now I'm moving that to Wattpad.

11 August 2017

  1. Another nice walk with the kids. We've been lucky in that the temperature has been "mild" (highs in the 80s, and cool in the mornings).
  2. TWO hummingbirds! One in the lemon tree and one in the locust.
  3. Showing my kids the Highlander television show and trying to explain its impact on my life back in the day.

10 August 2017

  1. Despite my tire pressure light coming on, the tires were fine. The indicator was just having a moment.
  2. Nice walk with the kids to and from the sandwich shop for lunch.
  3. Many butterflies out and about, and a hummingbird spotting in my climbing roses.

09 August 2017

  1. Woke up to the news that my TV pilot made the quarterfinals in CWA, so that was nice.
  2. Daughter survived falling off a cantering horse at riding camp. If anything, she was more excited about it than she probably should have been.
  3. Another good writing day. (Of course, whether the book is any good remains to be seen. Editing will certainly be required. But at least I'm getting the draft done.)

08 August 2017

  1. Got more writing done. Think I'm nearly finished with this chapter (it's a long one). So far I remain on target for my deadline.
  2. Perogies.
  3. Bath bomb.
  4. Enjoying the new season of Preacher.

07 August 2017

  1. Another good writing day.
  2. Had the house to myself for part of the afternoon.
  3. They put up the tile I painted at the elementary school. Feels nice to leave a mark.

06 August 2017

  1. One-on-one time with my oldest. We went and saw The Dark Tower and then went to Half-Price Books. Turned in a bunch of DVDs and got lots of money toward all the new stuff we bought.
  2. Made my word count minimum.
  3. Nice chat with my dad. Hadn't talked with him in a while.
  4. Hummingbird! While doing yard work this morning. A beautiful little green one. She came and ate from the feeder then sat up in the crepe myrtle and watched me work.

05 August 2017

  1. Shopping. Like, serious retail therapy. LUSH bath bombs, incense and candles from Mystic Dream, a new coffee mug to add to my collection of mugs with "M" on them . . . Hadn't had a shopping day like that in ages, and it felt really good.
  2. Nice lunch out with the family, too.
  3. Still managed to get my writing done.

04 August 2017

  1. My daughter is getting the hang of trotting on a horse. It's so wonderful to watch her become more confident and proficient.
  2. Fun lunch out with the kids.
  3. Not too hot for a nice walk with the kids, too.

03 August 2017

  1. My daughter's horseback riding lesson was cancelled. Of course she was disappointed, but it actually made my day much easier. (And the lesson got rescheduled for tomorrow, so it's all good.)
  2. Writing group. Only three of us there, but it was fun, as always.
  3. Not as insanely hot? It's saying something when 94°F feels "cool," but after the past few days, it really did!

02 August 2017

  1. Really nice review of my audiobook.
  2. My original television pilot script made the first cut in the CWAs.
  3. Ran into a friend at the library.

01 August 2017

  1. Met the new pet sitter, and she's wonderful.
  2. Managed to squeak in getting my words written for the day.
  3. Kids only three weeks for going back to school.