08 November 2018

The busiest parts of the week are now over.  I had my annual checkup and the kids have had theirs. I'm continuing to learn Japanese, though I don't know how useful any of the words I'm learning are likely to be if/when I travel there. Well, at least I enjoy learning for its own sake. And I've made progress on my WIP. Things roll on...

06 November 2018

  1. Got my flu shot.
  2. Ordered in Chinese for dinner.
  3. Democrats took back the House.

05 November 2018

  1. Met a writer friend for breakfast and she brought her adorable 9mo boy. He's so easy going, and he let me hold him without a fuss!
  2. Constructive writing group meeting.
  3. Hubby got me memrise as an early birthday present so I can continue to learn Japanese!

04 November 2018

  1. I didn't even need to leave the house today (though I did go for a morning walk). Since I'm facing a pretty hectic week, I was glad to have this lazy day.
  2. I started rewriting a manuscript that received some brutal feedback from agents—feedback that made me doubt my very ability to write. I don't think I'll query or submit it again, but if I whip it into shape, I will self-publish it. And I'm glad to start feeling more confident again.
  3. Pre-orders for the paperback version of Faebourne continue, which makes me feel quite good. And a little nervous. I hope these readers enjoy the book!

03 November 2018

  1. Doctor Who is good again.
  2. DuckTales is back. (I know I've mentioned it before, but it still makes me really happy.)
  3. Teen Titans Go!
  4. Toffee chip cookies.
  5. Family game night.

02 November 2018

I've been away again. Not physically, but away from this blog. There's so much going on... Some good, some just meh. But today I did get a yummy lunch at Habit Burger. And I had fun dressing as Raven from Teen Titans Go! for Hallowe'en. (My daughter was Starfire.) I'm slowly progressing with learning Japanese—enough, at least, to get by when my friend and I travel there. Lucky for me, she's lived there and speaks and reads it better than I do (or will), plus has experience with the day-to-day of managing things like getting around and interacting with the locals.

On the flip side, I'm struggling with my current WIPs (there are two). I'm starting to be nervous about my upcoming presentation. Facing a busy week next week. And I just feel blah overall in spirit.

But I'll try to keep finding good things and updating more regularly. Maybe it will make me feel better.