28 February 2018

  1. More interest in my manuscript from an agent.
  2. Really nice dinner out. Like, one of the best I've ever had.
  3. Found my old CD albums.

Bonus: Military helicopter flew over our house as we were leaving to walk to school. The 'copter was going to land at another nearby school, but it made a few circles for us first. Kids were really excited. (Okay, I was too. I'm easily impressed, I guess.)

27 February 2018

  1. A really nice writing group meeting. It was the first time all six of us were there at the same time, and it was a lot of fun.
  2. Tagalongs. My favorite Girl Scout cookies ever.
  3. Ending the day with some Drunk History.

26 February 2018

  1. More beta readers!
  2. Getting more editing done.
  3. Very limited amount of time out in the cold and rain. And I didn't even feel guilty about holing up at home.

25 February 2018

  1. Getting a nice roster of beta readers for my manuscript.
  2. Took a good walk in fine weather.
  3. New Jackbox games to play with the family.

24 February 2018

  1. A day at home with no real pressure to do much of anything.
  2. Setting up a new beta reading system for my manuscript. I'm excited to try it, and glad to be revising again.
  3. Feeling better, little by little.

23 February 2018

I've fallen really behind here. Sorry about that. I've been ill, and busy, and it's difficult to be busy and ill at the same time. You just sort of collapse at the end of each day.

Still, there's lots to be grateful for. I took the kids to see Peter Rabbit, and I'm grateful it was better than I expected it to be. I had resigned myself to a waste of my time, but I think I enjoyed the movie even more than the kids did. (It helps to think of it as Hux vs. Bunnies.)

I'm also grateful for meds that seem to be working. And good books to read. And friends who see me through the rough patches.

I'm grateful for my morning walks and the rock music that propels me through them. Yes, even in the frigid weather. Or especially in the frigid weather, since the activity keeps me warm.

Speaking of music, I'm grateful my car is just old enough to still have a CD player.

I'm grateful for friends in far-off cities who are willing to share their homes with me and my family.

There's so much to be grateful for, really. No way to list them all. But I will try to start updating more regularly.

I'm grateful to YOU for being here, even if you're silent. Knowing you stop by (and I know; I have analytics) encourages me to continue to find the good things.

18 February 2018

Writers Conference Edition

So I was away at the San Francisco Writers Conference, which is why I've been scarce online. I'll admit I wasn't keen to go, but I'd already paid an insane amount of money for the privilege, so... I went. And I'm glad I did. While it wasn't quite as thrilling as previous conferences (maybe I've gone to enough of them to become jaded), I still had a very good time. My friend Kristen went with me, too, so that was nice. Good things included:

  • Meeting new people. (Though I'll say the other writers were more reserved than in past years.)
  • One particularly interesting dinner out with newly met fellows that included deep discussions of religion.
  • Encouragement. I got good market information from an agent, and I had some well-known authors also advise me. That felt really nice.
  • At least two fabulous keynotes.
  • Decent food.
  • News that the venue next year (if I decide to go) will be in a hotel that won't require me to trudge up a steep hill.
  • Having another author friend come into town for dinner one night.
  • Hotel room upgrade.

So yeah, it was a good time overall and worth the trip. I have some ideas about what to do next and where to put my energy.

10 February 2018

. . .

I know I have a lot to be thankful for. Scotchmallow hearts, for one thing. And a lovely new dragon necklace (an early Valentine's gift) for another.

I'm thankful the gathering at our house tonight is only supposed to last two hours. I can survive two hours, I think...

There will be pizza. And brownies. I can be thankful for that.

Also, the PTA president liked what I did with the online school store. That was nice, to hear a thank-you.

I'm trying really hard to keep all the good things in mind. I have food and water and shelter and a loving family. I'm physically healthy, at least mostly. These are good things.

I will try not to let the one or two things get me down. I will try to focus on what's good in my life.

But sometimes it's difficult.

06 February 2018

Look, my life is in the dumps at the moment. But at least I can say (a) we've had beautiful weather, (b) I had a nice chat with writer friends over dinner, and (c) my stylist made room for me in her schedule. So that's something, I guess.

04 February 2018

  1. Good chats with my mom and dad.
  2. Quality time with my oldest.
  3. Hopeful responses from a couple of literary agents.

03 February 2018

  1. Survived a day of volunteering at the middle school for Science Olympiad.
  2. Being gone all day meant not having to deal with the playdate going on at our house.
  3. Sushi for dinner.

02 February 2018

Honestly, it's been difficult lately for me to find the silver linings. So I keep reminding myself that at least I and my family are healthy. Our problems are small in the big scheme of things.

I've been feeling as though no one wants what I have to offer this world. I seem only to have value as a school volunteer or someone who gets the laundry done. As such, I'm interchangeable with any able-bodied person. I myself have no unique, inherent worth.

Even my cat seems to be keeping his distance these days.

So, yeah. It hasn't been a good time.

Today, well . . . Habit Burger for lunch. Beautiful weather. That's about all I can manage for a list of "good things."

Mostly I've been a bit weepy. Probably not fun to be around either.


I will try harder tomorrow to find good things. Today I just can't.

01 February 2018

  1. Windows are done!
  2. Nice lunch with a friend.
  3. Good writing group meeting.