02 February 2018

Honestly, it's been difficult lately for me to find the silver linings. So I keep reminding myself that at least I and my family are healthy. Our problems are small in the big scheme of things.

I've been feeling as though no one wants what I have to offer this world. I seem only to have value as a school volunteer or someone who gets the laundry done. As such, I'm interchangeable with any able-bodied person. I myself have no unique, inherent worth.

Even my cat seems to be keeping his distance these days.

So, yeah. It hasn't been a good time.

Today, well . . . Habit Burger for lunch. Beautiful weather. That's about all I can manage for a list of "good things."

Mostly I've been a bit weepy. Probably not fun to be around either.


I will try harder tomorrow to find good things. Today I just can't.

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