31 July 2017

  1. Got my writing done.
  2. Oldest son has clean bill of health from the doctor.
  3. One-on-one time with said son.

30 July 2017

  1. Managed to make up my words from yesterday, so I remain on target with my writing deadlines.
  2. Lazy day mostly at home, though we did go out for lunch.
  3. Cleaned up and organized the homework table. We're only three weeks away from school starting!
  4. That Game of Thrones episode was really good.
  5. John Oliver was back.

29 July 2017

  1. Seeing Hamilton again, this time with the kids. They've been so into the soundtrack that when the opportunity arose, we had to take them. Totally worth it.
  2. Accomplishing a ton of yard work. Still more to do, but it feels good to have made such a dent in it.
  3. Super Duper Burger.

28 July 2017

  1. Nice lunch out with the kids.
  2. Daughter got her new glasses.
  3. Kids and I watched more House Hunters together. I love that they get so into it.
  4. Continued to meet my word count. However, tomorrow will be dedicated to yard work, so I'm not sure I'll get my words in. May have to double up on Sunday.

27 July 2017

  1. Library day! And my daughter and youngest son got their medals for completing the summer reading program. They each got to choose a book, too, and my son chose The Great Mouse Detective. <3
  2. Watching House Hunters International with my kids. It was very relaxing, and they really got into it.
  3. Writing group.

26 July 2017

  1. Kids had good check-ups with the eye doctor. My daughter needs glasses, but only for reading and any near work; she's farsighted as it turns out. She chose some nice lavender frames and they were completely covered by insurance, so that was a nice bonus.
  2. Happy lunch with the kids.
  3. Managed to scrape together my word count for the day. So far I'm on schedule to be done September 30.

25 July 2017

  1. My mala bracelets finally arrived after a delivery delay.
  2. Salon day! Fresh hair and nails, hooray!
  3. Took the kids to the landscaping place to pick out the decorative rock we'll use in our flowerbeds. Progress! And we got out of the house for a bit.

24 July 2017

  1. Not too hot for horseback riding.
  2. Continued to meet my daily writing goal.
  3. Made a cake from scratch. And frosting. Got messy, but tasted great!

23 July 2017

  1. Family day at the cinema. The movie was only okay, but we still had fun.
  2. Another successful writing day.
  3. Happiness = the cat sleeping on your lap while you watch Legends of Tomorrow.

22 July 2017

  1. A morning without the kids, which is a rare treat.
  2. Yummy breakfast.
  3. Nice walk with my daughter.
  4. Meeting my writing goal.

21 July 2017

So the concert we were going to see got abruptly cancelled. Still, we made the best of it. We had a nice time hanging out, a great dinner, and did some shopping thanks to ticket refunds. I was able to buy my friend some nice [belated] birthday presents (that I now need to mail). It wasn't a total loss, I suppose, and I drove in San Francisco proper for the first time and survived. So that's something.

20 July 2017

  1. Girls' lunch out with my daughter.
  2. Met my word count goal in writing.
  3. Writing group night.

19 July 2017

  1. My daughter's joy at horseback riding. She just glows. And today she got to trot for the first time!
  2. Lunch with a good writer friend I hadn't seen in a while.
  3. Chatting with another good friend I hadn't spoken to in a while.

18 July 2017

  1. A fun time out shopping with my daughter.
  2. My foot is healed, so I no longer need to see the podiatrist.
  3. Finally finishing Fargo, which has been on the DVR for ages.

17 July 2017

  1. The first day in a week's worth of girl time with my only daughter. We planned meals for the week and painted our nails. Also started planning her birthday party.
  2. More work done on the WIP. If I keep my pace, I'll be done right at deadline.
  3. My youngest enjoyed his first attempt at fencing. "I wasn't very good at it," he said, and I told him no one is very good at much of anything on their first try. When I told him I wasn't even very good at writing when I started, he almost didn't believe me! It was sweet. Anyway, he still liked fencing enough that he thinks he wants to continue even after this trial week.

16 July 2017

  1. Finished another chapter in my WIP.
  2. Five Guys for lunch.
  3. Quality family time.

15 July 2017

  1. Relatively quiet day at home.
  2. Uptick in book sales.
  3. Got in a good workout.

14 July 2017

  1. Daughter's dance recital went well.
  2. Thai food for dinner, followed by Drunk History and a Hamilton karaoke night.
  3. Riverdale. It's so soapy and over the top that I can't help but love it.

13 July 2017

  1. Scrivener webinar. Wow. I feel like I can finally start using the software effectively.
  2. Took my youngest son to McDonald's and ran into my oldest son and his friend there. Crazy, but it was nice!
  3. Writing group. I just really enjoy hanging out with them. Tonight's conversation (besides writing) covered favorite Doctors and companions.

12 July 2017

  1. One-on-one time with my oldest. Including showing him how to properly dunk an Oreo.
  2. Singing Hamilton with the kids.
  3. My son getting an approval rating from the dentist.

11 July 2017

  1. More history lessons with the kids. I so enjoy chatting with them about it.
  2. Traffic not terrible today.

. . . Those are the highlights. Pretty quiet day, all told. (Well, until now. We have icky neighbors who have decided to start making noise late in the evening. I really do need to move to a place where no one lives near me. I'm not fit for human interaction.)

But this blog is meant to focus on good things, so . . . I had nice cuddle time with the hamster today. That can be my third good thing for the day.

10 July 2017

  1. My kids getting really into the Hamilton soundtrack. It was awesome to share the story with them. Who knew American history could be so fun?
  2. Back on the writing horse.
  3. My first PTA meeting. I was awkward as always, but after it was over I did chat with another member and, I think, made a connection? I'm so bad at that kind of thing. Proud of myself for being social.

09 July 2017

  1. Hamilton. Yes, it's as good as they say.
  2. Ghirardelli ice cream sundae.
  3. An afternoon in the city without the kids. I love them, but especially in the summer, it's nice to get a break.

08 July 2017

  1. The new Spider-Man movie. Better than I expected.
  2. Finally got that Milky Way candy bar I'd been craving.

I can't really think of a #3. I suppose I could fall back on everything that's good that I take for granted: we're all healthy and have more than we need. Aside from the movie, it was a quiet and uneventful day.

07 July 2017

  1. Library with the kids, and lunch at the library café.
  2. Wine brought back from France. OMG, so good!
  3. Reading.

06 July 2017

  1. Writing group helped me out greatly with a hurdle in my WIP.
  2. Writing group in general—it was so nice to see everyone after being away!
  3. Feeling at least a little productive in getting laundry, dishes done and taking out trash.

05 July 2017

  1. Back to routine.
  2. My kids gave me some ideas about my current WIP.
  3. Cuddle time with the hamster.

04 July 2017

  1. Getting a bit more writing done.
  2. Special Independence Day dinner out with the family. (Sushi!)
  3. Karaoke.

03 July 2017

  1. Feeling good about the writing I'm doing.
  2. Took my daughter to her first horseback riding lesson. She's had them before, so it's not her first first, but it was her first in a number of years. (We'd quit previously because she was simply too small to do much, and the instructor she had was a bit flaky.) Anyway, it was so lovely to see my daughter so happy and excited.
  3. Quality time with my oldest son. He came to the riding lesson to keep me company. Sure, I could have just read a book, but I liked chatting with him. I know soon he'll be of an age where he won't want to hang out with me any more, so I'll take it while it's on offer.

02 July 2017

  1. Coming home.
  2. Seeing my family and my pets.
  3. Sleeping in my own bed.
  4. Cheeseburgers. The food in France was lovely, but I missed good, old-fashioned grease.