18 September 2017

  1. Had fun designing a card for people who ask me what I've written.
  2. Nice lunch with a friend.
  3. Relatively un-stressful day.

17 September 2017

  1. A less demanding day than yesterday.
  2. Got a little bit of writing done. Not nearly enough, but some.
  3. Hummingbirds! Lots of them!

16 September 2017

  1. Daughter's birthday party was a smashing success.
  2. I was social and only a little bit awkward (I think).
  3. No big plans for tomorrow. Which, after as busy a day as today, is a good thing.

15 September 2017

  1. Well, I didn't have to drive anywhere. (I did still have volunteer duty in my son's classroom, but we walk to school.)
  2. Girl time with my daughter, which involved baking cookies and watching House Hunters.
  3. Also some time with all the kids, during which we watched funny YouTube videos.

14 September 2017

  1. I don't have tuberculosis. So that's good, right? (I didn't think I did have it, but I had to get tested in order to volunteer at my kids' school, so...)
  2. Writer's group for the first time in a few weeks. Was nice to be back.
  3. A new Aho-Girl.