19 November 2017

  1. Horses.
  2. Milkshakes.

It was all downhill from there, really. But I'm still grateful for things like my health and our upcoming vacation. Even when I'm not feeling it in my heart, I know how good I've got it.

18 November 2017

  1. Lazy day at home.
  2. Lazy day at home.
  3. Lazy day at home.

17 November 2017

  1. Last day before Thanksgiving break!
  2. All errands and appointments managed with minimal fuss.
  3. Nail painting party with my daughter.

16 November 2017

Productive day! 1. Mailed a couple packages. 2. Finished an editing job.
3. Took my oldest son with me to writing group. Was fun. Ended the night with a couple hot fudge sundaes.

Oh, and I got my DNA test results. That was interesting.

15 November 2017

  1. No errands to run.
  2. Got lots more of my editing job done.
  3. Watching House Hunters with the kids.