20 August 2018

  1. First day of school! And the kids all seem to like their teachers. Fingers crossed for a good year.
  2. The house painters started work.
  3. Per the doctor, daughter's rash doesn't appear to be anything very serious.

19 August 2018

  1. Grateful for the existence of Doctors on Demand, which allowed a doctor to prescribe an antibiotic for our daughter. Saved us a trip to urgent care and/or the ER. (And the daughter is fine, btw.)
  2. Repotted the tomato plant.
  3. Sushi as the last-day-of-summer dinner.

18 August 2018

  1. New bedding. It's so much prettier than the old stuff we had and goes much better in the room.
  2. Took the kids to Dave & Buster's for the first time.
  3. Got more editing done.

17 August 2018

My youngest turned 9, but we're saving the party for tomorrow. Today he just wanted to play his new video games, so we let him. I got some editing done. A fairly placid day all around. And we did have ice cream cake!

16 August 2018

  1. Clean house.
  2. Kids have fresh haircuts for the start of school.
  3. I'm seeing slow progress with my ear.