24 March 2017

  1. Took the yearbook photos I needed to take and finished the yearbook pages that were my responsibility.
  2. Relatively quiet day.
  3. Nice chat with the neighbor.
  4. Daughter had a great time performing at the school talent show.

23 March 2017

  1. Beautiful walking weather.
  2. Quiet morning that allowed me to get some writing and other work done.
  3. Brynnde is doing well on its promo, having cracked the Top 20 on the Kindle free list for Regency romance!

22 March 2017

  1. Finally! A morning without an appointment, errand, or other obligation. Some down time, some quiet time, some time to myself!
  2. Youngest son had a good dental check-up, no cavities.
  3. Nice phone chat with a good friend.

21 March 2017

  1. Survived library duty at the kids' school.
  2. Got through my youngest son's physical therapy appointment.
  3. Hubby brought me dinner after the insanity of the day.

20 March 2017

  1. Actually got some writing done. A very little bit, but better than nothing. Tops last week, when I was so busy I didn't have two minutes to rub together for writing.
  2. Nice lunch out with a friend. Turns out there's something called Irish root beer, and it's very yummy!
  3. Baseball practice was cancelled. I know, I know, but baseball has been eating up our lives, so it was nice to have a break.