21 October 2016

  1. No errands to run or meetings to attend.
  2. Reading.
  3. Relaxing.

20 October 2016

  1. Last parent-teacher conference, and it was a great one! My oldest son is doing a great job at school.
  2. Had a chance to meet and chat with a friend/fellow writer I met at a writing conference this past summer. Was really nice to catch up. Also, fantastic weather for sitting outside.
  3. Good writing group meeting. Only my second time, and I really like the group. It's nice to have found people to meet with again. (Ones that won't behave like Mean Girls.)

19 October 2016

  1. Had a call with someone who might want me to write for their television series. Could be interesting.
  2. Also a nice phone chat with one of my good friends.
  3. Milky Way candy bar.

18 October 2016

  1. Good parent-teacher conference with my youngest son's teacher. Also, the speech teacher was there. I feel confident the three of us make a good team to help my son learn effectively.
  2. A request by a director/producer for one of my scripts.
  3. Beautiful weather.

17 October 2016

  1. Possibility of stretching my chops by attempting some comedy writing. Could be a nice opportunity.
  2. Feeling productive.
  3. Chicken and waffles.