17 January 2017

  1. Doctor says my son's leg is healing nicely. He can switch the long cast for a shorter one in two weeks and then begin using crutches.
  2. Special lunch with my little guy after the doctor visit.
  3. Yummy dinner made possible by the fact our oldest is away at camp and we're able to cook things he won't eat.

16 January 2017

. . .

It was kind of a down day, actually. Nothing bad, but nothing of note either. I guess I can count traffic not being too terrible as a good thing? And we had a nice dinner of deli plates that we all really enjoyed. It was somehow both light and filling.

15 January 2017

  1. Meatball sub.
  2. A walk with my daughter.
  3. Have managed to lose 5 lbs.

14 January 2017

  1. Beautiful day for my son's baseball tryouts.
  2. Nice lunch out, and kind strangers gave up their table for us.
  3. Quiet afternoon.

13 January 2017

  1. Orthodontist removed the attachments from my teeth. Is weird to see the flat surface of my teeth again after so long, but nice!
  2. Treated myself to a special lunch as celebration for having my teeth back.
  3. Sun! No rain! (Cold, but... sun!)