01 December 2018

A little bit of sadness today as my script did not advance in competition. If there's one thing I've learned about this particular screenplay it's that people either love or hate it, no middle ground. Still, I'd had hopes... And so this news was a bit of a downer way to begin the month.

BUT. I did get a day out with my daughter. We went to see Cinderella! I loved the Lesley Ann Warren teleplay when I was younger; a friend's older sister owned it on VHS (or had probably taped it off a movie channel or something). I would watch it over and over. It was so nice to see it live and with my daughter. And we were front row center.

So I will remind myself I have more to be grateful for than not. Health and a happy family. Shelter and food and clean water. More than many in the world. And maybe someday one of the handful of indie producer/directors who have shown interest in my script will finally make good on it. In the meantime, I will continue to focus on my books instead. I seem to get farther with those.