19 October 2018

  1. The paperback version of Faebourne is now up for pre-order.
  2. Long overdue visit with my aesthetician.
  3. Evening out with the family.

18 October 2018

Laughing so hard I cried. I hadn't done that in a long time. Also, new shirts. And boba tea.

17 October 2018

My son's visit with his therapist went well. Then we went out for lunch. And the kids also did well at the orthodontist. Plus, I received the e-proof of Faebourne. Now just waiting for the printed proof. Also, enjoying the new incarnation of Doctor Who. Overall, a good day.

16 October 2018

My last quiet day of the week, but I still had to run to the store for a few things. At least that got done. And I cleaned up the files on my computer and submitted the print files for Faebourne. Can't wait to see the proofs! So it was a productive day, anyway. And I got the Golden Curry I'd been craving for dinner too!

15 October 2018

  1. Pulling together print files for Faebourne. Excited to see the final result!
  2. I *think* I'm getting better at Japanese?
  3. Good writing group meeting.

14 October 2018

I've been slammed with finishing up the edits on my novel, but I can now gladly announce Faebourne is available as an ebook! Paperback to follow. Other good things include our annual trip to the corn maze and pumpkin patch. Aaaand Golden Curry.

09 October 2018

  1. Started the second read-through of my WIP. On track to put the ebook out next week.
  2. Nice chat with another mom at the elementary school. Sometimes it's the little things.
  3. A book I'd forgotten I'd preordered arrived. Unexpected book! That's always fun.

08 October 2018

  1. Almost done with this round of edits!
  2. A pretty quiet day at home.
  3. Great writing group meeting.

07 October 2018

  1. Went to the really good bakery and got some treats.
  2. Got halfway through editing my WIP. The ebook should come out in the next couple weeks. (Paperback will take longer.)
  3. Lasagna for dinner.

06 October 2018

  1. Daughter is going to start training for her first horse show.
  2. Started editing.
  3. Family game night.

05 October 2018

  1. Finished the draft of my WIP!
  2. Was able to sleep in because the kids didn't have school.
  3. Did I mention I finished my draft?

04 October 2018

Sorry that I've fallen down on the job here lately. Yesterday was Day of PTA, where I first spent the morning at the middle school, handing out ice cream treats to the honor roll students. Then I had a PTA meeting that evening as well. Didn't get any writing done, but did manage a short workout. Overall, an okay day.

This morning I went to the dermatologist to have this bump on my calf checked out. It's almost invisible; I had to really search to even locate it to show it to my doctor. But all is well, and she says my skin is "terrific." (I've been blessed in that area, at least.) I'm likewise grateful that the doctor's office was running on schedule and it didn't take very long. So now I'll be able to get some writing done.

There. Lots of good things!

02 October 2018

  1. Got some writing done.
  2. Had sushi for dinner.

. . . I dunno. It was a fairly quiet day. I guess that's a good thing, too.

Here's a look at some of the work I did on Faebourne today:

01 October 2018

Monday decided to Monday extra hard today, but I managed to salvage my day despite its best efforts to sink me. I had lunch with a friend who showed me a cool new product for my nails. And I had a nice evening out with my writing group. Plus, I still managed to get in a workout.

Here's hoping tomorrow is even better.