24 June 2018

  1. Got most of the packing done.
  2. Got my brows tidied up.
  3. Found some really old writings while looking for something else (that I didn't find). Stuff I'd forgotten I ever wrote. That's always startling. But also kind of fun.
In case the packing didn't clue you in, I'm traveling as of tomorrow and won't have my laptop with me. (Cue some anxiety.) That means you'll have to wait a week before getting any more "good things" from me, but hopefully I'll have a big, long list when I get back!

23 June 2018

  1. A bit more writing done.
  2. Nice family lunch.
  3. Took one-on-one walks with the kids.

22 June 2018

  1. Jurassic World, which was more fun than I expected. (Review coming on spooklights soon.)
  2. Also finished watching Gamers! which I really enjoyed. Only wish the manga were in English. I don't mind getting it in Japanese, but that's not easy to do.
  3. A little more writing done. Very little. But some is better than none.

21 June 2018

  1. More writing done.
  2. Clean house.
  3. Good writing group meeting.

20 June 2018

  1. Got my lingual retainer fixed after the dental hygienist broke it on Monday.
  2. Got a little more writing done.
  3. Hot fudge sundae.

19 June 2018

18 June 2018

1. Fresh hair color and fingernails.
2. Daughter had a great first day at her riding camp and her instructor took beautiful photos:

3. Only a week until Paris.

17 June 2018

  1. Saw Incredibles 2.
  2. Had a good phone chat with my dad.
  3. Fairly quiet day otherwise.

16 June 2018

  1. Got so much writing done.
  2. Also got in a good walk that resulted in my bringing home mulberry leaves for my son's silkworms.
  3. Fun get together at a friend's house. Met cool new people!

15 June 2018

Ran errands like a boss, including getting my son to his doctor's appointment, taking him to buy a birthday gift for a friend, getting both boys to agree on a place for lunch, and getting my oldest to the birthday party for which the gift was bought. I also got in a solid morning walk. And we had a nice family dinner followed by ice cream.

14 June 2018

  1. Pizza and swimming.
  2. Good writers group meeting.
  3. Sucked it up and did a solid workout.

13 June 2018

Six Flags Edition

Went with the family to Six Flags.

  1. Got splashed by dolphins.
  2. Enjoyed relatively mild roller coasters (my vertigo prevents me from riding more intense ones).
  3. Watched my kids have a great time.
  4. Butterflies.
  5. Big cats (tigers, lions, cougars).
  6. Fed giraffes!
  7. Came home and had sushi for dinner.

12 June 2018

  1. A day that did not require me to leave the house.
  2. Got so much writing done.
  3. Interspersed writing with quality time with the kids.

11 June 2018

  1. Lunch out with the family.
  2. Good afternoon walk.
  3. Got some writing done.

Bonus: Watched some Cardcaptor Sakura with the kids.

10 June 2018

  1. Took the kids for fondue. They'd never had proper fondue, and they loved it!
  2. Continued to make progress on my WIP.
  3. Now only 2 weeks until Paris. But lots going on between now and then. Summer is going to fly by.

08 June 2018

  1. Got in a good walk.
  2. Got more writing done.
  3. Watched Game Night, which was really cute.

07 June 2018

  1. Finished writing yet another chapter of my WIP.
  2. Last day of school! Which means I can sleep in a little later for the next couple months.
  3. Watched Definite Article with my 12yo son. He loves history and plays clarinet, so he appreciates Izzard's humor.

06 June 2018

Today I helped grill over 800 hot dogs at my son's school. I'm a PTA board member, and we were serving an end-of-year meal to the students and staff. It was exhausting but fun.

Also today, I had a great chat with a friend of mine. We got into talking about the world's ugliest buildings and spent time looking them up online while discussing them over the phone. I'm so glad I have weird friends that I can fall into odd conversations with.

AND . . . my cat at the spider that was in the bathroom, which saved me the trouble of having to kill it.

05 June 2018

  1. Finished writing the chapter I've been working on! Hooray!
  2. Watched my daughter in the school talent show.
  3. Nice critique group meeting that included a very yummy hurricane (of the drink variety).

04 June 2018

One of my last quiet days before school is out. I both wrote and took reading breaks. No errands or appointments, though I did do some laundry and the dishes. But overall a very relaxing day. And productive.

03 June 2018

  1. A nice chat with my dad.
  2. Survived a board meeting.
  3. Lazy afternoon.

02 June 2018

  1. Shopping! Including both clothes and books.
  2. Kids were so well behaved at big family lunch.
  3. Post-lunch chocolate.

01 June 2018