31 July 2018

NYC Edition

In no particular order:

  1. Comfortable flights.
  2. Hamilton walking tour.
  3. Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.
  4. The Met.
  5. Serenata.
  6. Dairy Queen.
  7. Hot dogs from street vendors.
  8. NY pizza in general.
  9. The Strand.
  10. Spyscape. (I'm a Spycatcher!)
  11. Central Park Zoo.
  12. Friends who let you stay in their beautiful apartments while they're away.
  13. Terraces.
  14. Thunderstorms.
  15. Coming home to kitties.

22 July 2018

  1. Fairly efficient packing.
  2. An agent asked to read my manuscript.
  3. Blue Exorcist.
As you might guess from the "packing" part, I'll be traveling again and therefore not updating here for a week. Come back to see ALL the good things that happen in NYC!

21 July 2018

  1. I recently rediscovered my tumblr. Mostly as a place to shelve fanfic snippets. And today someone there messaged me and told me I'm wonderful, and that felt beyond good.
  2. Bagels. Fresh ones.
  3. Homemade lemon meringue pie.

20 July 2018

  1. A lunch disaster ended up being a happy accident. We tried to eat at one of our favorite places, but the staff just couldn't get it together, so we decamped and had a fantastic lunch at another restaurant.
  2. Kids got good reports from the orthodontist.
  3. Sangria.

19 July 2018

  1. Freshly painted finger- and toenails.
  2. Finding a wonderful new bakery.
  3. Working with a colorist to choose paint for the house.

18 July 2018

It was a really busy day, actually, so the best thing about it is that it's over.

17 July 2018

  1. Finished reading a great book.
  2. Wrote some more.
  3. Good first PTA meeting of the new school year.

16 July 2018

  1. Good morning walks. (Yes, plural.)
  2. More writing. But also lots of reading.
  3. A nice time at a friend's house that included writing critique but also just hanging out.

15 July 2018

  1. Slightly cooler today, which made for a nice morning walk.
  2. Found a fun new place to try for lunch.
  3. A little more writing done.

14 July 2018

  1. Went to a social function and totally behaved.
  2. Got a bit more writing done.
  3. Tried Holmes of Kyoto and thought it was really cute.

13 July 2018

12 July 2018

  1. A little bit of writing.
  2. A lot of reading.
  3. Chose someone to paint the house.

11 July 2018

  1. Getting closer to finding someone to paint the house.
  2. Found a video that encapsulates my feelings about Sherlock. (I don't like to talk about it, and now I don't have to!)
  3. Thai food.

10 July 2018

  1. Good morning walk.
  2. Writing.
  3. Hubby brought me dinner when we realized the orange chicken had real orange in it (I'm allergic).

09 July 2018

  1. Breakfast out with my boys.
  2. Constructive writing group meeting.
  3. Brownies, lovingly made by my husband and daughter.

08 July 2018

  1. Swimming in a cute new suit.
  2. Morning walk.
  3. Showing the kids Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure. Though I did have to explain the slang use of "bogus."

07 July 2018

  1. Finally finished writing a chapter that seemed to be going on forever.
  2. Reading.
  3. Finding new anime to watch.

06 July 2018

  1. Bowling. I'm getting better. Not that the bar was very high to begin with.
  2. Seeing my daughter have so much fun at the barn. She's happy just to be helping. She mucked stalls, cleaned tack, turned out and bathed horses. Genki desu.
  3. Showing our oldest Scott Pilgrim vs. the World. I have issues with the underlying themes of that movie (never read the manga), but it's still fun. And lots of fun to watch my son watch it.

05 July 2018

04 July 2018

  1. Releasing silkworm moths into the wild.
  2. A nice walk on a cool morning.
  3. Writing again.

03 July 2018

  1. Going on safari with the family.
  2. Eating at a favorite restaurant that is two hours from home, so it's a rare treat to eat there.
  3. Beautiful weather.

02 July 2018

Paris Edition

  1. Business class
  2. The generosity of old friends
  3. Ice cream on hot days
  4. Bread, butter, frites, ramen . . . so much great food
  5. Having locals tell me my French is pretty good
  6. Navigating the Metro
  7. Nike of Samothrace
  8. Versailles
  9. Sweet little (air conditioned!) hotel rooms with skylights over the bed
  10. Rosaries*
  11. Gorgeous views
  12. Surviving stairs . . . so many stairs . . .
  13. Watching home improvement shows in French
  14. Coming home

In short, a fabulous trip. But exhausting!

*I buy a rosary every time I visit a cathedral. I guess I collect them, more or less. This time I bought one at Notre Dame and one at Sacré-Coeur.