28 February 2017

  1. More nice weather.
  2. Daughter had a good report from her dentist.
  3. Mardi Gras! And I baked a cake with a [plastic] baby in it!

27 February 2017

  1. Good walking weather.
  2. Getting back to work on Changers 2.
  3. My kids being really into Clue (both the movie and the game).

26 February 2017

1-3. Moonlight wins Best Picture.

I'm just so glad to see something with more substance win. La La Land is surely a charming film and visually stunning, but I cringe whenever films celebrating the world of movies get handed award after award while other films that have a deeper message get passed over.

Next year I hope to see some more women nominated for things like (*ahem*) screenplay and director?

25 February 2017

  1. Made it through the Opening Day of Little League.
  2. Fatburger.
  3. Brynnde continues to get lots of page reads.

24 February 2017

  1. Relatively quiet morning.
  2. Oldest son showing improvement in baseball practice. (Opening day tomorrow.)
  3. Sushi dinner with the family.

23 February 2017

  1. Productive grocery trip. (They had fully dressed Ruffles! I used to only be able to get those in Canada!)
  2. Finally mailed some stuff that I'd been meaning to mail.
  3. Fun time with my writing group.

22 February 2017

  1. Was finally able to return the wheelchair we'd rented for my youngest son when he broke his leg. Yay! Two months later he's now on crutches.
  2. Lovely lunch with a dear friend that I haven't been able to catch up with in some time.
  3. Nice phone chats with two other friends—it was an unusually social day for me!
Oh, and I applied to a possible writing retreat in France this June. They only take six writers. I made it through the first stage; they requested pages from my WIP. Fingers crossed! It would be an amazing opportunity!

21 February 2017

  1. Took the youngest for a check-up with the doctor. His bone is growing back nicely, and he was able to get a shorter cast.
  2. Rainbows!
  3. S'mores Girl Scout cookies.

20 February 2017

  1. Lunch out with my two little ones. Including ice cream!
  2. Cluedo.
  3. Bubble bath while rain patters the windows.

19 February 2017

  1. A good haul from Half-Price Books.
  2. Freebirds burrito.
  3. Got to hear the first 15 minutes of the Sherlock Holmes audiobook that I have in production. Eep! So cool!

18 February 2017

  1. An okay time at my son's baseball practice. Like, I was social and everything! (That's a big deal for me.)
  2. Lots more page reads for Brynnde. I love that people are reading it. Hope I get some reviews soon.
  3. McDonald's french fries.

17 February 2017

  1. My son and his partner got first place in their science fair.
  2. Got a little bit of writing done. It's been tough lately to feel motivated, so even just a little makes me feel productive.
  3. Watching Martha Speaks with the kids. I find that show ridiculously amusing.

16 February 2017

  1. Good news from my doctor regarding some test results.
  2. Relatively quiet day.
  3. Interesting stuff in my History magazine.

15 February 2017

  1. More beautiful weather!
  2. Brushed off an old manuscript that I'm looking forward to completing.
  3. Ice cream with my oldest and his, ahem, [girl] friend. They did a science project together and had to present it today, so we celebrated afterward. They are adorable!

14 February 2017

  1. My friends with birthdays today are all still alive, kicking, and well. (For some reason I seem to collect people with Valentine birthdays.)
  2. I felt genuinely helpful in various ways today.
  3. Brynnde got its first review!
Bonus: more beautiful weather AND my first full day without needing medication

13 February 2017

  1. Survived the field trip with my daughter's class.
  2. More sunshine! (It's been in short supply lately.)
  3. Getting a little more writing done. After being sick for a week, and lately also really busy, it was novel to actually sit and write for a while.

12 February 2017

11 February 2017

  1. Twelve hours of sleep. Goes a long way toward my recovery.
  2. Closing on the house.
  3. Season 2 of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend on Netflix.

10 February 2017

  1. My youngest (the one with the broken leg) was told by his physical therapist that he doesn't need any more visits until the cast comes off. That means I'm saved five more trips to PT! And really, my son is doing great with his crutches. So happy to see him relatively mobile again.
  2. Brynnde is doing pretty well in release. Lots of people making use of being able to "borrow" it from the Amazon Kindle library, it seems.
  3. I'm starting to be able to taste food again.

09 February 2017

  1. Tagalongs. I may or may not have an entire case of them in my office.
  2. Brynnde's release.
  3. Slowly, slowly recovering my health.

08 February 2017

  1. Able to sit upright for longer periods of time.
  2. Able to eat a little more.
  3. Hey, being sick means I've lost some weight.

Looking for the good here, people.

07 February 2017

I'm actually really sick and in bed today. I'm just grateful someone else is able to pick up the kids from school. I feel like I can barely move—weak and light-headed. Lots of water, lots of meds, and hoping to sleep off the worst of this.

06 February 2017

  1. The audiobook narrator I selected for my Sherlock Holmes stories has agreed to take the job. I'm very excited about this project!
  2. I've been asked to take over the school yearbook next year. Flattered, really.
  3. The youngest is getting good at using his crutches. He still needs the wheelchair at school, but in all he's making great progress.

05 February 2017

It wasn't a particularly good day, nor was it really a bad one. I simply did not have the restful weekend I really needed, and now I'm facing another packed week and no down time. So I'm struggling to find the good in today, but I'll try.

  1. Took two of the kids to the store and we had a fairly nice time despite it being crowded.
  2. I actually made a really good pork loin for dinner. Even my daughter, who is the pickiest of eaters, ate it.
  3. More pre-orders for Brynnde.

Oh, and I did send an offer to one of the audiobook narrators, so we'll see if he agrees to be the voice of my Sherlock Holmes stories.

04 February 2017

  1. A day in which I didn't have to leave the house, which these days is rare.
  2. Watching Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire with the kids. Hadn't seen it in ages. Still think the book is loads better though.
  3. Narrowing down my choices for audiobook narrator. It's still a really tough choice, but I'm closer.
Oh, and Broadchurch should be back soon! Yay!

03 February 2017

  1. Gold Medal Ribbon ice cream.
  2. My medical procedure went relatively quickly (if not entirely painlessly); they told me I did very well. I'm a sucker for praise.
  3. Chinese food for dinner.

Yes, I'm all about the comfort food today.

02 February 2017

  1. Youngest son's first physical therapy appointment went well.
  2. Another good time at writers' group.
  3. Having fun writing a tarot manual.

01 February 2017

  1. Finished writing chapter 10 of Changers 2. Whew. It's been a slog getting back into it.
  2. Managed to juggle the variety of appointments and errands that needed to get done today. This was the busiest day of a really busy week, and I got through it. Yay!
  3. My Atlantis ring finally arrived. I'm loving it!