30 November 2015

  1. Finally mailing stuff that should have been sent ages ago.
  2. Having the house to myself.
  3. New slippers!

29 November 2015

  1. Christmas decorating!
  2. Queso!
  3. Flowers for my office!

27 November 2015

Was away again, and had a wonderful time. So here are a bunch of Good Things (SoCal vacation edition):

  1. Universal Studios still makes the jacket I used to have way back when, so I was able to get another one! You have no idea how happy this makes me. I lived in that jacket, wore it until it fell apart, and now I have another one! Best jacket ever.
  2. Big Red.
  3. Evie getting to be in the Animal Actors show.
  4. Bonus Golden Ticket at Disneyland that allowed us to skip the line for Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.
  5. Getting the last Tinkerbell Hanukkah pin.
  6. Having the Matterhorn ride operator ask if we just wanted to stay seated and ride again. Hell yeah!
  7. A Thanksgiving dinner we did not have to cook or clean up after. (Thank you, thank you, thank you Disneyland employees for giving up your holiday!)
  8. A smooth and safe drive home.
  9. A healthy, happy family.
Seriously, I'm so blessed and so grateful. Any complaints are necessarily petty against the greater woes of the world. And I'm so happy to have gotten away for the holiday; I hate sitting around at home for the week, would much rather be out and doing (but not shopping, except for souvenirs!). This has easily been the best Thanksgiving in memory.

22 November 2015

  1. Weighed the least I've weighed in a while.
  2. Finished the first round of revisions on Changers. (Lots more to go though.)
  3. A nice long walk in really fine weather.

21 November 2015

  1. Almost done with this pass on Changers. (But there's still a lot more to do.)
  2. Finished reading a book with Alexander.
  3. David Tennant. Even in the tiniest doses.

20 November 2015

  1. Hallmark Christmas ornaments.
  2. Incense.
  3. Getting to sleep a little later than usual.
We each get to pick one Hallmark ornament every year. This year I chose Snoopy in the bi-plane.

19 November 2015

  1. Writers group meeting.
  2. Hair and nail appointment.
  3. A non-laundry day.

18 November 2015

  1. Day off from workouts.
  2. A bit more progress on Changers revisions.
  3. An indie director requested to read one of my scripts.

17 November 2015

  1. A bit more progress on the Changers revisions.
  2. Less windy weather.
  3. Sea salts for the bath.

16 November 2015

  1. Quiet time!
  2. Making progress with Changers revisions.
  3. My efforts to maintain my current weight seem to be working.

15 November 2015

  1. Little traffic to and from the airport.
  2. A day at home after a weekend of running around.
  3. Rain.

13 November 2015

  1. Painting bowls (End of Bowl, Murder Bowl).
  2. Japanese stationery stores.
  3. Winchester Mystery House.

12 November 2015

  1. An agent requested a revise and resubmit for Changers.
  2. Dear friend in for a visit.
  3. Lost a little more weight.

11 November 2015

  1. Weighed less this morning.
  2. Kids behaved (it was a day off from school).
  3. The Secret of NIMH.

10 November 2015

  1. James Bond!
  2. A nice morning out with my MIL.
  3. New coat.

09 November 2015

  1. Rain.
  2. Being cozy inside when it rains.
  3. An easy grocery shopping trip.

08 November 2015

07 November 2015

  1. Beautiful red-tailed hawk joined me on my morning walk.
  2. Made good progress with my jigsaw puzzle.
  3. Perfect weather.

06 November 2015

  1. Unexpected presents.
  2. More progress on the jigsaw puzzle.
  3. My roses are exploding. 

05 November 2015

  1. Wendy's for lunch.
  2. News that Adverse Possession (a short film based on my 15-minute play "Warm Bodies") will screen at San Diego Film Consortium's Fall Film Festival next week.
  3. Return of Elementary.

03 November 2015

  1. A good, long walk.
  2. Was interviewed for a podcast.
  3. Trivial Pursuit.

02 November 2015

  1. Much needed rain.
  2. A nice working lunch with a fellow writer.
  3. More rain.

01 November 2015

  1. Nice visit with the in-laws.
  2. Gained an hour.
  3. My roses are blooming again.