31 March 2016

  1. Salon night.

Yeah, that's about it. But at least vacation is now only a couple days away.

30 March 2016

  1. Encouragement from a friend . . . and that friend's mom!
  2. Not having to go anywhere, run any errands, go to any appointments. (That's becoming so rare these days.)
  3. Stumbling across The Secret Life of the Cat and watching it with the kids.

29 March 2016

To be honest, it's been tough to find good things the last couple days. I've had a handful of rejections that are getting me down. But:

  1. A dentist appointment that wasn't as bad as I feared it would be.
  2. Date night.
  3. New books.

27 March 2016

  1. An Easter miracle: Big Red soda found in a local grocery store!
  2. Dying eggs with the kids.
  3. Chocolate.

26 March 2016

  1. My son running his third 5K and getting "scouted" by a local cross country team.
  2. Weather nice enough for shorts.
  3. Sitting outside in the sun, even for just a little while.

25 March 2016

  1. Getting to see a mama hummingbird feed her baby!
  2. All three of my children getting gold medals for reading (and various other awards as well).
  3. Danger Mouse and Mister Ed with the kids.

24 March 2016

  1. Gorgeous weather.
  2. Starting to get back into writing after a couple of days where I wasn't able to carve out the time.
  3. Doing sticker books with my daughter.

23 March 2016

  1. Finally choosing a cover design for my Regency romance novel. (Now just to finish writing the darn thing!)
  2. Lovely dinner out with the family.
  3. Getting much accomplished in one trip to Target.

20 March 2016

  1. Bookstore!
  2. Pizza!
  3. A nice, long chat with my parents.*

*I don't generally enjoy phone conversations, but there are three people in the world I'm happy to talk to at length via telephone: Mom, Dad, and my friend Abby

19 March 2016

  1. Quiet time to myself to get writing done.
  2. Beautiful weather and a walk.
  3. Two huge butterflies celebrating the start of spring by dancing in my garden.

18 March 2016


That is all. That counts for three and then some.

16 March 2016

  1. The best weather we've had in a while.
  2. Trading edits with a writer friend (and her book is amazing, so I'm loving reading it).

. . . Yeah, that's about it. Except maybe I can count my resident hummingbird as #3? I do so enjoy having her here.

15 March 2016

  1. Robert receiving a great report card.
  2. Scott coming home early and whisking me away for a coffee/work date.
  3. The fun of having cover designers send in potential covers for my Regency romance novel.

12 March 2016

  1. Meeting interesting new people.
  2. Getting more writing done.
  3. A long walk during a break in the rain.

10 March 2016

09 March 2016

  1. Lots of writing.
  2. Completed one obligation that had been hanging over my head.
  3. Book sales bounce.

08 March 2016

  1. A day without having to do laundry.
  2. Made my writing goal.
  3. The Roomba still hasn't succeeded in catching me. (I know it wants to . . .)

07 March 2016

  1. No errands to run.
  2. Powdered doughnuts.
  3. Quiet in general.

06 March 2016

  1. Writing again. And enjoying it.
  2. Bowling. Even though I'm out of practice and suck at it.
  3. New oracle cards.

05 March 2016

I know I've been away a few days.

I'm sure if I try I can find good things, but . . . It's been a bit of a struggle lately.

I will say, though, that I dug up an old manuscript that I'm having fun tinkering with. That has to count for something. And also, my latest novel (released in January) did get a bit of an uptick in sales yesterday. So I can be happy about that. (I do wish someone would write that 10th Amazon review, though.)

I guess my third good thing for today can be that my Stitch Fix arrived. Though I have mixed feelings about what they sent me. Jury is still out on that.

01 March 2016

  1. Discovering a hummingbird nest in my climbing roses!
  2. Reading a good friend's great manuscript.
  3. No rejections. (No offers, either, but I'll take what I can get.)