30 September 2015

  1. Rain! Which we've needed so badly, and which smells so good.
  2. A good morning walk.
  3. Hummingbird.

29 September 2015

  1. Cooler weather. In fact, it was perfect.
  2. Another quiet day mostly to myself with no errands to run.

. . . That's all I've got. I suppose the down side to a quiet, uneventful day is that nothing much happens either good or bad.

28 September 2015

  1. Quiet time at home.
  2. Watching two of my children get awarded for excellence in reading.

Uh . . . Yeah, that's all I've got for the moment. Unless you count each kid separately?

London Edition

So I've been away in London, hence the lack of updates. Now I will list a bunch of good things from my trip:
  1. Magpies.
  2. Buckingham Palace.
  3. Hamlet (at the Barbican).
  4. Stumbling across St. Bart's hospital.
  5. So much good food (Ametsa, Quilon, and also the Garden Café at Buckingham).
  6. Walking Southbank.
  7. Cadbury chocolate!
This trip was an early birthday gift and was fabulous. It wasn't perfect, but it was wonderful. Many thanks to my husband for humoring me and my extravagant tastes.

23 September 2015

  1. Another good writing day.
  2. Scott came home early (and brought me pizza).
  3. Hair and nails done at the salon!

21 September 2015

  1. Good writing day.
  2. Wienerschnitzel for dinner.

. . . Having trouble thinking of a third.

20 September 2015

  1. Spa day.
  2. A walk (even though it was really hot out).
  3. Quiet afternoon.

19 September 2015

  1. Good, if hot, walk.
  2. Trying out the olive oil tasting room downtown. Wow!
  3. The Man From U.N.C.L.E., which was cuter and more satisfying than I expected.

18 September 2015

  1. 4-mile walk. Felt great.
  2. Night out with friends.
  3. Hummingbird.

17 September 2015

  1. TWO hummingbirds! I first saw them flying together over some trees while I was out walking, then saw them in our back yard later that evening.
  2. Encouragement from writing friends to try something a bit daring in my current WIP.
  3. Discovered the James Bonding podcast.

16 September 2015

  1. Another day of cooler weather.
  2. Hummingbird on the walk to school.
  3. Met my new orthodontist for the first time, and he's pretty cool.

15 September 2015

I won't lie; it's been a crap week. I've had a couple rejections and some personal drama, so . . . I'm struggling to find the good stuff.

  1. Cooler weather. Even just for a day or two, it's refreshing.
  2. A nice lunch with my mother-in-law.
  3. Mermaid water in the bath. (It's a LUSH bath bomb/bubble bar combo.)

14 September 2015

  1. Cooler weather (relatively) and a mini rainstorm.
  2. Got some writing done for the first time in over a week. I'd been sort of blocked up, but was able to get on with it today.
  3. I didn't have to do any laundry.

13 September 2015

  1. The Virgo New Moon prompted me to clean off my desk, and now I have a lovely workspace on which to procrastinate.
  2. Went to see the Chinese acrobats, which made for a fun and original family outing.
  3. Hummingbird! (Any time there is a hummingbird, it will be one of the best things that happened to me that day. As a bonus, there was a show about hummingbirds on TV last night, too.)

12 September 2015

  1. Nice family time at Chabot Space and Science Center.
  2. Hummingbird!
  3. Finally saw Four Weddings and a Funeral. It was cute.

11 September 2015

  1. Tree service came to survey our trees and say they're healthy, just need some pruning.
  2. Good meeting with my agent.
  3. My dad's birthday.

10 September 2015

  1. Watching House Hunters: Where Are They Now? at the dentist. (I'm trying to put a positive spin on the pain of dental cleaning.)
  2. Hot fudge sundae. (Take that, dentist!)
  3. Blackout. Which wasn't much fun BUT did let me off the hook for my evening workout.

08 September 2015

  1. Helping the kids get homework done.
  2. Some time to myself after a hectic long holiday weekend.
  3. Hummingbird!

07 September 2015

  1. Labor Day festivities combined with our daughter's birthday.
  2. Swimming.
  3. Dancing as exercise.

05 September 2015

  1. The library.
  2. A nice walk.
  3. Another director emailed asking to read one of my scripts.

04 September 2015

  1. Found a really, really good new Middle Eastern restaurant.
  2. Doctor says my lungs are clear, so I don't need antibiotics. But she still gave me some cough medicine to help me sleep better. "If you don't rest, you won't get better," she said. She's great!
  3. Trivial Pursuit.

03 September 2015

  1. A really great meeting with my writing group—they love my story! Also, we had a fab lunch out together.
  2. Also a really nice chat with my friend and Tarot reader. Interesting insights there, as usual.
  3. My Stitch Fix came, and all the clothes were great!

01 September 2015

  1. Somewhat cooler morning weather for my walk.
  2. Was asked to read some material and possibly help write a TV miniseries.
  3. Hair-and-nails night at the salon!