02 July 2018

Paris Edition

  1. Business class
  2. The generosity of old friends
  3. Ice cream on hot days
  4. Bread, butter, frites, ramen . . . so much great food
  5. Having locals tell me my French is pretty good
  6. Navigating the Metro
  7. Nike of Samothrace
  8. Versailles
  9. Sweet little (air conditioned!) hotel rooms with skylights over the bed
  10. Rosaries*
  11. Gorgeous views
  12. Surviving stairs . . . so many stairs . . .
  13. Watching home improvement shows in French
  14. Coming home

In short, a fabulous trip. But exhausting!

*I buy a rosary every time I visit a cathedral. I guess I collect them, more or less. This time I bought one at Notre Dame and one at Sacré-Coeur.

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