23 February 2018

I've fallen really behind here. Sorry about that. I've been ill, and busy, and it's difficult to be busy and ill at the same time. You just sort of collapse at the end of each day.

Still, there's lots to be grateful for. I took the kids to see Peter Rabbit, and I'm grateful it was better than I expected it to be. I had resigned myself to a waste of my time, but I think I enjoyed the movie even more than the kids did. (It helps to think of it as Hux vs. Bunnies.)

I'm also grateful for meds that seem to be working. And good books to read. And friends who see me through the rough patches.

I'm grateful for my morning walks and the rock music that propels me through them. Yes, even in the frigid weather. Or especially in the frigid weather, since the activity keeps me warm.

Speaking of music, I'm grateful my car is just old enough to still have a CD player.

I'm grateful for friends in far-off cities who are willing to share their homes with me and my family.

There's so much to be grateful for, really. No way to list them all. But I will try to start updating more regularly.

I'm grateful to YOU for being here, even if you're silent. Knowing you stop by (and I know; I have analytics) encourages me to continue to find the good things.

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