27 July 2015

DFW Con!

So I've been away, which is why I've neglected to list all the wonderful things happening each day. Instead, I will now list all the good things that happened while I was in Dallas for DFW Writers Convention:

  1. I pitched to an editor from Tor and she requested the first three chapters of my book! Bonus: I really, really liked her and could totally see forming a working relationship with her. (But that's like proposing on a blind date, so . . .)
  2. I got to hang out with Kevin J. Anderson! Excuse me while I fangirl.
  3. I learned that the wording in all those rejection letters for Peter probably were code for "we really like your writing/voice but don't think we can sell this particular book; please do send something more marketable our way." Which makes sense given Peter's decidedly niche market. But when an agent puts in a rejection that he or she wants to see more by you, they mean it!
  4. Awesome keynotes by the aforementioned Mr. Anderson, Charlaine Harris, and Shilo Harris.
  5. A great cocktail reception during which I met amazing fellow writers and also had another agent request some pages.
  6. Workshops that helped me figure out how to write an effective synopsis and also helped me find a better opening line for my book.

In short, it was a great conference. I'll be posting more details over on my author site.

As for the trip to Dallas, additional good things:

  1. Great food.
  2. Getting to see old friends again.
  3. Time by the pool.
  4. The hotel service was fabulous all around.

Now it's back to normal life. Well, and sprucing up those pages for the editor and agent who requested them!

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