28 September 2018

Ended up in the middle of a lockdown drill with a bunch of kindergartners today. I wouldn't call that a "good" thing—the fact we need such drills at all is a whole issue I don't feel like taking up at this late hour and on so little sleep—but there is a little game I've created to help the kids through it. I tell them it's a "T-rex" drill. See, most kids have seen some Jurassic Park movie, or heard about one through a sibling, so they all know that a T-rex can't see you if you stay still. And he can't hear you if you're super quiet. So that's what I tell the kids: "Pretend there is a T-rex out there somewhere." Kids are great at pretending. And dinosaurs are way less scary than, "There might be someone with a gun out there."

I didn't get quite as much writing done as I would have like, but I did post a short video. Also, my book The Fall and Rise of Peter Stoller is just 99 cents for a few days.

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