09 January 2018

It was kind of a crap day, actually, so finding good things means going back to basics:

  1. Kids were at school, so I had a quiet day at home with no errands or appointments to run off to.
  2. It wasn't raining too hard for me to get a walk in.
  3. Hubby brought me soft serve ice cream to help my wounded tongue.

Yes, that's right, "wounded." I bit the side of my tongue. Hard. There's actually a little piece of it hanging off now and it hurts and it's difficult to talk or eat or drink anything. I've done this before, a long time ago, and eventually it will turn to scar tissue and be NBD, but right now it's a real pain, literally and figuratively. That + rejections made it a not great day. But I did have those highlights at least. Gotta keep looking on the bright side.

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