14 April 2017

Okay, so I woke up with an acute case of vertigo this morning. I've suffered from bouts of vertigo for years, but hadn't had one—certainly not one this bad—in a very long time. I was bedridden for the first half of the day.

So what was good about Good Friday?

  1. I was able to get up and shower and walk around by around 1:30.
  2. I was able to drive by 4:00
  3. My loving husband came home from work right away when I told him I was sick.
  4. My kids did a great job of getting themselves together for school while I shouted instructions from my bedroom.
  5. We're fortunate that we live within walking distance of school and the kids were able to get to school without me.
  6. Habit Burger for dinner.

Sometimes we just need something to knock us down so we remember how good our lives really are.

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