09 October 2016

InD'Scribe Edition

I've been away at a conference, so there are a lot of great things:

  1. Meeting so many warm and welcoming authors who happily took me under their wings and included me in their ranks.
  2. Getting to dress up! And get my hair and makeup done!
  3. DRAGON! It looked just like Livian, too...
  4. Getting to take pictures with lovely cover models. (Yes, I'm susceptible to such charms. *swoon*)
  5. Dancing!
  6. Hearing from the director for my next short film. Yay for progress! We're starting to talk casting...
  7. Sitting on panels—again, with such amazing authors.
  8. Being invited to eat breakfast with these amazing authors. Who were willing to give me advice and help me out by discussing book contracts and suggesting other cons for me to attend! I just cannot get over how great these people were to me. I don't know why I expected anything different, but wow.
  9. Being able to sell Manifesting Destiny to a school librarian. I hope her students love it!
  10. Seeing my wonderful new friends win RONE awards.
  11. Getting to see my dear friend Kimberley, who I haven't seen in over a year.
  12. Coming home to my loving family.

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