15 August 2016

Writer's Digest Conference Edition

It's not that nothing good has happened the past few days, it's that I was away at a conference in NYC. And lots of great stuff happened! So here's a partial list of all the positive things I'm grateful for these past few days:

  1. Extra legroom on the plane.
  2. Sitting next to French people and surprising them with my (very rusty) French.
  3. A short taxi line.
  4. Being made Guest of the Day at the hotel, which got me a great upgrade, free wifi, and access to the Executive Lounge.
  5. Meeting fun new people.
  6. Not having to pitch.
  7. Lots of great information and advice.
  8. Running into Steven James in the elevator and him giving me advice for when I do my first panel in October.
  9. Kwame Alexander telling me he loves my hair.
  10. Lots of other people telling me they love my hair.
  11. People telling me they think my chrome toenails are cool.
  12. Drink vouchers.
  13. Views of Central Park at dawn and dusk and during a lightning storm.
  14. Dr Pepper in the hotel cafe.
  15. Invitations to dinner with fellow writers.
  16. Discovering Ippuku.
  17. Learning there's an Ippuku in Berkeley.
  18. Upgrades to the exit row for the flight home.
  19. Being sent to TSA Pre-check and not having to take off my shoes.
  20. Surreal 4-way stops between shuttle buses and 747s.
  21. Coming home.

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