08 May 2016

Mother's Day Edition

  1. Day started with doughnuts, flowers, and handmade cards from the kids.
  2. Lunch out at a Chinese restaurant followed by ice cream from my favorite local place (chocolate with marshmallow topping).
  3. Calling my mom.
  4. Ordering a couple treats for myself online (a Sagittarius pendant and new Lenormand deck).
  5. Pizza for dinner. Then a workout because have you seen everything I ate today?

Of course, the day was punctuated by the fact my oldest son was punchy from being overtired. He actually sleepwalked down to dinner, took a couple bites of pizza and then wandered off. He hasn't sleepwalked in a long, long time, so I'd forgotten what that's like. He woke up later thinking it was time to get up for school when it was still evening. Just super confused and out of it. Sort of funny but also I felt bad for him. He has state testing all this week at school, so it's important that he get enough rest.

Speaking of which, I also need some sleep. So off I go . . .

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