02 April 2016

  1. Hiking with the family.
  2. Beautiful weather.
  3. Finding out about the cat that comes into our yard sometimes.*

*We've always called the cat GiGi (as in G.G., as in "Grey Ghost" because she's grey). But it turns out her name is Alley, as in "Alley Cat." She lives on the street behind ours. She was on our front porch about to head into our garden, which isn't unusual. GiGi/Alley likes to go sleep on our patio furniture. But her owner had spotted her and had come up to the house to try and get the cat back. Just as well because the hummingbird mama who lives in the climbing roses by the porch was ready to take the cat on. She was buzzing all around GiGi's head. Anyway, the owner told me the cat's name is Alley (and she even said, "as in Alley Cat") and where she lived and such. I told her we didn't mind if and when the cat visited. It's all good. Fun way to meet a neighbor.

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